February 19, 2016

Geetha from Don Bosco SHG,Kyadigere

I am Geetha, age 33 from Kyadigere village,Chitradurga, I am in Don Bosco SHG group.I am the eldest daughter in the family. The health of my father is not too good. Thus, it was my responsibility to run the house and I also was not in a mental position to get married. Though we had our SHG group for a long time but we couldn’t make use of it,as an individuals used to make garland and were able to earn Rs. 2000/- But leading life was not easy. Thus, when Ms. Bharathi insisted on being skilled with Income generative programme, I attended the programme and we were very clearly told, that only the interested and who wanted to do something for themselves economically, could come for 3 day free training.
After the training, I chose to do cloth business. This was strongly supported by Ms. Bharathi. Thus, I discussed the same at home and started cloth business,now i am able to earn Rs 6000/-per month and during feast,marriages and any other holidays my business runs good,recently I inaugurated my shop at Kyadigere and happily doing my work.The Chithra Don Bosco is the reason for my development and success and I shall ever remain grateful.

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