The life of a majority of the rural women in Chitradurga has been pathetic. Women have been one of our primary concern with a single thought, “A Knowledgeable woman has greater potency to change the lifestyle of a home and the immediate neighbourhood”. Thus, Chithra has accepted Empowerment of women through participatory approach at the grass roots.

Youth is the thumping heart of any nation. Youth Empowerment along the lines of Visionary St. John Bosco concentrates on holistic formation with the prime motive to enable them to become God fearing and honest citizens.

Children are the wealth of any nation or society. Empowering the marginalized children in the District of Chitradurga through community participation has been a fruitful effort esp. when the children themselves are able to demand their rights.

Chithra is greately concerned about protecting nature to conserve the wellbeing of people. The villagers and made aware about the need to protect the environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Chithra is alive in the villages through famers club and has headed initiatives like watershed projects, seed bank, subsidies to the famers, tree plantations, eco friendly cultivation etc.