Centre For Human Intervention And Training In Holistic Rural Action- Don Bosco Society is a Registered Society under the Registrar of Societies 583/2011-12 and it’s the Sister Concern Organization of The Chitradurga Don Bosco Society, Chitradurga. Its part of an International Network of Don Bosco, working towards the empowerment and sustainable development of the marginalized Women, Youth and Children. Our closeness with the less privileged and their desire for their development and the community around is the force behind our Programmes and Projects. Making the beneficiaries self reliant through Community involvement has been our strength.

The Activity area of CHITHRA-DON BOSCO starts from Emmehatti near Baramsagara on N.H.4 Highway towards Davengere 38 Kms from Chitradurga in the North. It extends up to Aimangala, which is about 25 Kms on N.H-4 Highway towards Bangalore direction to the south. On to the East and West from the highway it extends to about 12-15 KMs on either side of the highway. The total area comes to about 900 Sq. Kms. The Head Office is situated at Kelagote, Chitradurga, which is 200 km away from Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka.

“ To Accompany, Enable and Empowerthe most marginalized and the exploited poorwithout any distinction of Caste, Creed or Gender,both rural and urban, to develop themselveseconomically, socially, educationally and culturally, and to educate and train them to manage and regeneratethe natural resources available in the villagesin the district of Chitradurga.”

Strategy to Achieve the Vision:
Organization of the Exploited and marginalized poor into SHGs/ CBOs.Trainings and Capacity Building of NGO Staff and SHGs and CBOs.Informal and Formal Education.Awareness programmes and Campaigns. Linkages. Skill Acquisition and Up-gradation. Creating awareness and Skill development in Management of Natural Resources