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The life of a majority of the rural women in Chitradurga has been pathetic. Women have been one of our primary concern with a single thought, “A Knowledgeable woman has greater potency to change the lifestyle of a home and the immediate neighbourhood”. Thus, Chithra has accepted Empowerment of women through participatory approach at the grass roots.


Youth is the future of the nation. Yet many youth in an around Chithradurga are poorly educated, unskilled and unorganized. As such they become easy prey to a lot of vices. Empowerment of the Youth is of primary concern of Chithra.We aim at building the nation by skilling the youth based on solid moral values thus making them God fearing honest citizens.


Childhood, which is the most cherished period of ones life, is the foundation on which a strong and vibrant society is built. But there are many children without childhood in Chitradurga. They suffer from hunger and homelessness; work in harmful conditions and do not have access to quality education and healthcare. We aim to give them back their lost childhood.


Chithra is greately concerned about protecting nature to conserve the wellbeing of people. The villagers and made aware about the need to protect the environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Chithra is alive in the villages through famers club and has headed initiatives like watershed projects, seed bank, subsidies to the famers, tree plantations, eco friendly cultivation etc..

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  • Chithra Don Bosco is one of the very good training atmospheric centre. Good facilities to stay. It was great being in a cool and calm place. Weather is pleasant. All the facilities needed for a training programme were available with great sound system and projectors. I wish all the best and God’s blessing for the great work being carried out through this centre.

    Fr Anil D’Sa, SDB, National Youth Director.
  • Fr John visited Chithra Don Bosco,Chitradurga on 21.02.2018
    “Congratulation to Fr Julian and the staff for the great work you are doing in this institute-Training so many young people to stand on their own legs,carry on the wonderful work”.

    Fr Pius John Sdb,Don Bosco,Hassan
  • I have been visiting Don Bosco, Chitradurga, with groups from Australiafor the past seven years. The Salesians are inspiring, working alongside the local people to empower them so that they can educate their children, learn skills to gain employment, and most of all, restore and build dignity in individuals. It is a true model of community development!



"It is enough for you to be young for me to love you very much.", "I am really myself when with you: it is right that my life should be spent with you." These humble words of the Saint of the Young, Don Bosco comes trully alive seeing the young boys from the various villages in and around Chitradurga, living their life to the full in the homely atmosphere and ambiance.
GLIMMER IN THE DUST MASTER is a true life story of Mr. Saifulla, a typical example of the majority of the youth in the whole of Chitradurga and it points to what can be achieved by persons like Saifulla... May the Dreams of the Young come true likewise....
Motherhood needs to be understood and appreciated and persons like Sujatha needs to be hallowed for their great varied experiences and the way they handle them and go on with their life with courage and enthusiasm and the smile on her face is a real boost for Chithra Don Bosco to go ahead with inner motivation.
Chithra Don Bosco New Building inauguration on 23rd August 2017.
World Day against Child Labour
Anti Child Labour Day 12/06/2017,Programme was organised by District Child Labour Department,Chitradurga.Chithra Don Bosco with CREAM Project staff and CRC club Network Leaders took part in the Event by doing a Signature Campaign and submitting a memorandum to ADC in the presence of District Judge,DDPI, Labour Officer,Tahsildar
Don Bosco Mobile Computer Bus
.Introduction of computer technology exposure to alternative forms of energy.An opportunity for young minds to grow through solar powered mobile computer education programme.