November 21, 2019

Solemn inauguration of the Batch and Parents meet of the 29th batch of DB Tech.

On 05.11.2019 Chithra Don Bosco under DB Tech project conducted first Parents meeting for 29th batch DB Tech students at Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga. Rev. Fr. Sonychen Mathew ( Director, Chithra Don Bosco , Chitradurga ) was the president of the programme. Rev. Fr. Saji George (Rector and Manager of Don Bosco Institutions, Chitradurga), Rev.Fr. Joe( Principal of Degree College, Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga), Mr. Manjunath Bhagawat (Senior Manager, Selco Solar, Chitradurga) and Mr. Basavaraj (Employment Officer, Chitradurga), Mr. K. K. Kamani (Financial Adviser, Science college, Chitradurga) and Mr. Henri Joseph (State Coordinator, DB Tech, Bangalore) were the honorable guests. Mr. Manjunath (Parent’s Representative) and Ms. Kavitha A (Student’s Representative) who were the other guests who adored the platform as dignitaries. The programme started with a prayer by Ms. Pooja and group. A warm welcome was accorded by Master Jayasimha, compeering was done by Ms. Veda and Master Nikhil. The programme was inaugurated through lighting the lamp by all the dignitaries.

Fr. Saji George addressed the gathering and exhorted them not to look at the external colour, rather the inner beauty must be seen in the mind that is inside saying that through a balloon story. He invited the students to take complete advantage of the opportunity.

Mr. Manjunath told about Solar electrical system and advised to use solar electrical system.

Then Mr. Basavaraj expressed good opinion about Chithra Don Bosco and provided the information on employment.

Mr. Henri Joseph talked about Communication Skills, Attitude, Behavior and DB Tech general concepts and ideas were shared by him.

Mr. Manjunath (Parent’s Representative) told that do not keep the educated children at home, send them to work. Don Bosco organization is teaching well.

Ms. Kavitha (Student’s Representative ) told about the system and facilities of Chithra Don Bosco like Dormitory and Toilets facility, Self cooking, Meditation, Spoken English, cleanliness etc. And also told about Gender discrimination. We are proud to have such an Organization at Chitradurga.

Fr. Sonychen Mathew wished all and told there was no discrimination here and everyone is the same for us and he promised to provide more facilities. He finished his talk by advising the students to take good care of their parents and thanked all the parents for their presence and cooperation.

Mr. K. K. Kanmani told that the facilities available here are not available in any organization, so get as much advantage as possible.

Mr. Rangappa (English Trainer, DB Tech, Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga) gave the information about the life history of Don Bosco, facilities of Chithra Don Bosco and the training given here. He said to parents to inquire about the cost-expenses of their children because he had no such facilities at the time when he was a student.

The students namely Ms. Sangeetha, Master Anil and Master Rajanikanth told their deep experience and opinion about Don Bosco and the various facilities available to them.

Ms. Madhu thanked all the dignitaries and parents.

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