November 20, 2019

“Nanna Balya Nanna Hakku” My Childhood, My Right with this clear aim in mind of each one around 350 children from 10 evening tuition Centers.

On 17.11.2019 Makkalotsava programme for children was held with the aegis of Breads Bengaluru and Chithra Don Bosco at Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga. Respected Mr.R.K.Balasundar (Retired District Judge, Chitradurga) was the Chief guest of the programme. Rev. Fr. Sonychen Mathew (Director of Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga) was the president of the programme. Mrs. Dilshad Unnisa (Panel Advocate, DLS, Chitradurga), Dr. Deepak (Psychiatrist, Krishna Nursing Home, Chitradurga), Mr. Prabhakar ( Child Welfare Committee, Chitradurga), Mr. K. M. Muthuswamy (Amateur Journalist, Chitradurga), Mr. Hanumanthappa ( Retired HM, Chitradurga), and Mr. H. S. K. Swamy (An environmental Expert, Chitradurga) were the honorable guests of the programme. Master prasanna and Ms.Rani Keerthana were the representatives of the children who adorned the platform. 300 students and tuition teachers from 10 various evening school tuition centers and staff members of Chithra Don Bosco participated in the programme. The programme started with a prayer song sung by Ms. Amulya and Ms. Priyanka. A warm welcome was accorded by Master Veeresh, compeering was done by Ms. Vaishali and Master Khasim. At 9 am Rev. Fr. Vineesh inaugurated the stall of children’s game. The programme was inaugurated through lighting the lamp by all the dignitaries.

Mrs. Veena ( Cream Coordinator of Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga) spoke on the introductory note.

First respected Mr. R.K. Balasundar called everyone and exhorted them not to be alarmed if sexual abuse occurs on young children, please make a complaint to the concerned department and come forward to help children in distress. And also told that the first Prime Minister of the nation was Mr. Javaharalal Nehruji and his birthday is celebrated as Children’s day. The government has opened a separate department for the abolition of child labor. The government is pushing for the death penalty for rapists, for this there are Judges in each districts.

Dr. Deepak told that Chithra Don Bosco is working unselfishly on Child Rights at rural areas. The danger is that children are increasingly attracted to mobile in the current digital age. therefore he requested to the parents that the mobile phones not to be given into the children’s hands. Make a habit of reading books over to mobile. Earn good friends and said that one day it will be useful.

Mrs. Dilshad Unnisa told that it is indeed commendable that Chithra Don Bosco is doing awareness programme on the protection of Child Rights in the villages. The society needs children, just as the tree and plants are important to the environment. And also she told that only those with a service spirit can protect the Child Rights.

Mr. H. S. K. Swamy told that the folk song and dance originated from the villages. The children of the city do not know the folklore. Folklore has the art of Indian culture. Parents have the responsibility of keeping their children as mobile-obsessed as possible. And also he lamented that children are not getting quality education in govt. schools and as a result are going to private schools and getting settled there.

Dr. Prabhakar said that we should give the awareness on the evils of Child Labor practice, Celibacy and child marriage practices. And also he appreciated the Chithra Don Bosco because Chithra Don Bosco worked best on Child rights protection.

Rev.Fr. Sonychen Mathew asked the children that today is the celebration of Children’s day and enquired on how they spend this day. Some children replied that it was nice to have fun. He talked about Children’s gram sabha, children and parents should cooperate to hold a children’s gram sabha. And he told that everyone should make it a good platform for children to voice their problems.

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