December 11, 2015

Nine is Mine Campaign visit to Chithra Don Bosco on 01.03.2019

On 01.03.2019 Ms Subhalakshmi from Nine is Mine campaign team based in Delhi visited Chithra Don Bosco, Chitradurga to meet the staff and specially Cream’s Work.
The day started with a welcome at Chithra and introduction with staff. Ms Subhalakshmi along with Fr Sony, Mrs Veena, Mr Manjunath, Mr Arun Kumar visited some of the CRC Parliament of children. They first went to Belagatta, next to Kadleguddu, J.N.Kote, Mallurhalli in 3 Taluks. They had the interaction with children, formation of CRC clubs, topics of discussion, how to solve the problems and the uses of clubs. Ms Subhalakshmi also asked about the impacts they have done in the club for the betterment of chilrden and advocacy. Children were thorough , seems to be very well revised in their child rights rules and laws. They showed their excellency in giving proper answers to Ms Subhalakshmi. Lastly the team visited and meet kishories parliament at Mahila Samakhya and collected all the data related to children and their parliament.

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