February 19, 2016

Press meet Programme Organised by Government of Karnataka,Chitradurga Dist

On 06.07.2018 a one day long orientation was organised by the Government of Karnataka,Chitradurga District for the representatives of press personnel to make them aware and empower them as to their part and responsibility towards the protection and upliftment of children in Chitradurga District.Every participant was welcomed by the respected D.D Mr Raja Naik,the whole day long training took place under the guidance of Mr Sankappa and Assistant Commissioner in the absence of Madam Josna,the District Commissioner.The C.E.O Mr Ravindra,S.P Mr Srinath Joshy,KSCPCR member Mr Roopa Naik,Media Personal President,Mr Mahesh Babu along with the DCPO Ms Vaishali Madam were present on the dais. Chithra Don Bosco was privileged to be a special invite to the programme and fourteen child representaives along with the Cream staff and Fr Sony,Director,Chithra Don Bosco were present in the programme and interacted with the media representatives with their questions and ideas as to how media personal can enhance their development after the hour long training given by Mr Raghavendra Bhatt,UNICEF,Koppala.

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