October 5, 2015

International Women’s Day Celebration,2018

Women:Challenged,Living a Proud Life.
On 28.03.2018 Chithra Don Bosco celebrated International Women’s Day.The programme started with the speehe’s by Mrs L.Savitha,M.FA,past President and member of Rotary Club and Raindrop NGO,Chitradurga,Mrs VenkataRatna,Resource person,Samakhya Samaste,Chitradurga,Dr Isabella.s.Xavier founder of Sadhana Women,Child welfare society,Dharwad and state level resource person spoke regarding the theme #Time is Now,”Rural and Urban women Activists Transforming women’s lives.”They shared their views on being women and bringing about the changes in their lives and lives of other women.Life has been challenging but worth the struggle and we are proud to be women was the united voice.
The programme inauguration was done by Mrs Sharavathi,S.I,Mahila Police Station,Chitradurga,Fr Anand,Vice- Rector,Don Bosco, Chitradurga,Ms Vaishali.J,DCPO, Chitradurga.
SHG Women put up stalls to exhibit and sell their hand made edible and decorative items,This was inaugurated by Fr Maria Julian,Director Chithra Don Bosco,Dr Isabella,Mrs Savitha and Mrs Venkata Ratna. 300 SHG women participated in the celebration and enjoyed being women.

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