October 5, 2015

On 17th September 2018 Chithra Don Bosco New Centre’s1st anniversary,26th batch 1st parents meeting.

On 17th September 2018 Chithra Don Bosco celebrated the 1st anniversary of the new center, 26th batch opening of DB Tech&1st parents meeting.The programme started with a sweet prayer song, anchoring & welcome by DB TECH trainees Fr. Varghese Pallipuram Director of Don Bosco was the president of the prog..Mr Ranganath Swamy, D.F.O, Forest Department. Chitradurga inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp.Mr Yogeeshwarappa. B . District prog manager., NRLM, Z.P, CTA, Mr Bhojaraja.T, District Manager.NRLM.Z.P, CTA. Mr Nagabhushan.B.E.O.CTA. Mr Joseph Samuel.State MIS n M and DB TECH. Karnataka, Fr Raju Philip.Administrator.Don Bosco. Fr. Sonychen Mathew Director of Chithra Don Bosco. Mrs Bharathamma. Parent and Md Ghouse DB TECH student were the guest of honor on the dais.
All the Chithra staff and DB TECH students their parents attended the programme. The speeches of our guests were all apt to the occasion and everyone encouraged the staff and students to do well in their lives. The songs and other cultural activities were awesome to listen to and learn more things to inspire the youth…lastly we presented the baby bamboo plants to all our guest to grow up and achieve more n more success in their life.

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