December 16, 2015

ALP(Adult Literacy Programme)

Opportunities are never lost,they are always taken by the people who are ready.
On 03.06.2018 BREADS team from Bangalore comprising of Rev fr joy,Executive Director ,BREADS,Bangalore,Mr Jinu,Programme Coordinator,CREAM,Miss Anjaly Assistant Programme Coordinator visited Chithra Don Bosco to evaluate the Cream project along with a whole day visit.This occasion also witnessed the inauguration of the ALP(Adult Literacy Programme) at Kalkuntte in the presence of Mr Somashekariyah,Village Leader,Mr Nagaraj,SDMC,Fr Joy,Executive Director ,Fr Sony,Director,Chithra Don Bosco,Chitradurga,Mr Jinu,Programme Coordinator,CREAM,Miss Anjaly Assistant Programme Coordinator,Mrs Veena,Cream Coordinator,Chitradurga,Mr Manjunath,Cream staff and all the village people attended the ALP inauguration.The beneficiaries of ALP project were all enthused to learn basic Kannada and they all unanimously expressed their whole hearted willingness and fullest collaboration in learning in the best manner possible.

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