October 5, 2015

15th September,World Clean Up Day

Today is World Clean Up Day, Let’s clean the world in one day with the slogan “one world, one day and one aim” . Chithra Don Bosco staff, tuition teachers, DB Tech students took the opportunity to make a campaign to clean the two main parks of Chitradurga city.
We started our programme with obtaining the necessary permissions of Municipal Commissioner, Prepared the banner, arranged the materials for cleaning, invited the surrounding dignitary guests along with the newly elected Councillors.
Mr Javeed DB Tech trainer welcomed the guests one by one, Mr Nishani Jayanna, President, Town Cooperative Society, Chitradurga, Mr Haris, Councilor, ward no 5, Town Municipality, Chitradurga, Mr Siddha Raju, Social Activist and a person who took the initiative of planting 10,000 saplings and now he is maintaining the same by watering all the plants in Chitradurga town limit, Mr Naveen, Chalukya hotel, Chitradurga, Mr Nagaraj Bedre, Artist, Social Worker, Chitradurga, Fr Varghese Pallipuram, Director of Don Bosco, Fr Raju Philip, Administrator of Don Bosco, Fr Sonychen Mathew, Director of Chithra Don Bosco, Chithra staff, tuition teachers, DB Tech students and all the other people gathered in the premises. The dignitaries started cleaning the park with enthusiasm and encouraged our work, they joined hands with the public to stop the vehicles and give a message regarding World Clean Up Day by giving rose to each traveler to clean their environment to protect our ozone layer, our nature for our future teen.

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