October 5, 2015

Fr Guillermo Basanes, Rome visit to Don Bosco on 02.03.2019

Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world, he lives in.
Fr Guillermo Basanes visited Chithra Don Bosco as an extraordinary canonical visitation on 02.03.2019. A warm welcome was accorded and a very simple stage programme started with our glorious future youth who will change their life and also show the right path for their juniors, DB Tech skill training students covered the stage by doing the anchoring, welcoming, prayer song and vote of thanks..Fr Sony introduced all the dignitaries on the stage and DB Tech students gave their opinion on Chithra and DB tech in English. It was a challenge for DB Tech students to speak in English and show their talent to all, but to the amazement of everyone gathered they did it with much precision and accuracy, thanks to their dedicated trainers.

Later Fr Guillermo gave his speech, before that Fr Guillermo took the chair and told the M.C representative to be seated till he speaks, this shows his care, kindness and concern to us. His thought for us was that teach everyone to give and not count the cost of that giving and he insisted with everyone that we should follow this principle in life. Fr. Guillermo Basanes, the general councillor for the missions, of the Salesians of Don Bosco, fosters the missionary spirit and commitment throughout the entire society. He coordinated initiatives and directs activity in the mission so that it may get responded and help the needs of the people. Fr. shared his work experience and the way how they are working for people through various channels and expressed this sentence many times “Its never too late to start learning”, any time any age we can learn and do good for ourselves and for others. Fr. Sony with all his interest and patience translated his Gracious words from English to Kannada so that the audience can understand the speech. Lastly the programme ended with a group snap, snacks break and building view for the dignitaries and other audience.

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