December 16, 2015

Children’s Day Celebration on 18.11.2018

As we all agree children are the bright sunshine of the society , the seed of a plant that will give us sweet fruits and the future, and they are the reason to see the families growing , hold on to each other and stay with the positive, innocent truth of growing with morals .
We can say children are the glitter of this society , a child is like some kind of music in life, they keep everyone gross with their innocent questions, create happy atmosphere, adorable activities, their eyes and smile always show the hope of something good coming in us with the grace of God shown in children
Yes we are proud to say that Chithra celebrate children’s day every year. 18.11.2018 would always remain in the history of Chithra as day that made 1000 children happy with the celebration of Makkalotsava (Children’s day).
The programme started with the games and the inauguration was done by Fr.Vincent Raj, Principal of P U College Don Bosco,Chitrdurga. 25 games were arrange for children all the Chithra staff were busy in organising the games, some of them were in the cooking side,Sister Ancy and Mrs. Anu were incharge of Prize distribution counter, on the other side culture dances and singing competation was judged by Mrs.Nirmala and Mr.Manjunath Dance teachers.
In this programme Chithra store played a very important role in nurishing the children with snacks and Juice which made the children Joyfull in all the ways and they were in a delima to choose the best because all the activities attracted them. Ofter the lunch break the stage fuction was organised, bigining with a welcome band by boys and Kumbamela by girly to invite the guest on stage.
An elegent and beautiful welcome dance was performed by Kushi Siri, Master of ceremony was don by Ms.Vaishali ,Wel come speech by Ms.Arpitha . Next the ingaration of the programme was done by the stage dignitaries Mr.Santhosh Dy S P,Chitradurga ,Fr.Saji George Principal of State School,Don Bosco,Ms.Vaishali,DCPU,Chitradurga,Dr.R.Prabhakar,CWC Chairperson,Chitradurga,Fr.Raju Pilip,Administator of Don Bosco,Fr.Sony Chenn,Director of Chithra Don Bosco,Mr.Bommanna,Social worker,Konapura,Ms Arpitha,President of Nisarga Child Rights Fedtration, They gave a tribute to Chacha Nehru on the occation of Children’s day celebration , Children’s day Champion of Child Rights Award was given to Ms.Vaishali,Ms.Arpitha,Mr.Bommanna for their great work done for the upliftment of children
and many efferts to find a selution for their problems.They also supported CREAM in working to gether. Our guest spoke about the Childre’s day programe,Chuildrens problems and education in their speech,Prize winner children performed their dance and songs on the stage, Lastly Chithra’s memorable momento was gifted to all the guest. and vote of thanks was given by Ms.Mallika CRC member, A very big thanks to all for making this Programme a grand success.

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