October 5, 2015

International Women’s Day Celebration at Chithra Don Bosco-13.03.2019

Being a woman!! Probably one of the most pleasurable and honorable part of a person’s existence. The day, as we understand, proves the default benefits of being a woman, we would not have to strive to be born as a male. International women’s day is just the right time to celebrate the subtle aspects of being a woman! She has the willingness to support, a patient heart, to listen to anything and everything, strength sufficient enough to find solution to problems and above all to withstand and hold any amount of pain and suffering. The beauty of her heart and her art of decorating other’s heart should be celebrated as much as possible.
This beautiful creation of God! The angel on the earth, who makes our life a wonderful experience all together. Imagining life without a woman is quite hard and hitting. This angel shakes the cradle with one hand and the earth with the other hand. Hence women is that powerful.
With this insight and great realization, On 13.03.2019 Chithra Don Bosco celebrated ”International Women’s Day at Chithra”. The programme arrangements was thoroughly well planned by Chithra staff along with Fr Sony. The special day started with all the decorations, preparation of comfort zone for the SHG women in the hall, slowly the SHG women started flowing in with their glittering faces and well dressed to be noted specially. Happiness was flowing out by looking at each other in the hall. Next our specially invited guests stepped in, introduced themselves and each one of them seemed confident and benevolent in their styles.
The programme started with a prayer song by our SHG women Mrs Shivalingamma from D.S Halli. The stage got occupied with all the dignitaries namely Dr. Isabella N. Xavier, Founder of Sadhana Human Rights Centre, Dharwad, Mrs. Dilshad Unnisa, Panel Advocate, DLSA, Chitradurga, Ms. Apeksha S. Pawar, Jail Superintendent, Chitradurga, Mrs. Venkata Ratna, District Councilor and resource person, Mahila Samakhya, Chitradurga, Mrs. Revathi, PSI Traffic Police Department, Chitradurga, Ms. Vaishali, DCPO, Chitradurga, Mrs. Preema, Vinayaka SHG, Meglahalli, Chitradurga, Mrs. Gouramma, Saraswathi SHG, Chitradurga, Mrs. Padmavathi, Varmahalakshmi SHG, D.S.Halli, Chitradurga, Fr. Raju Philip, Administrator of Don Bosco, Chitradurga, Fr. Saji George, Principal of State School, and Vice Rector, Don Bosco, Chitradurga, Fr. Paul Chalissery, Principal of ICSE, Don Bosco, Chitradurga and Fr. Sonychen Mathew, Director, Chithra Don Bosco. Inauguration of the programme was done by lighting the lamp and each one of the guests on the stage shared their experiences and feeling exclaiming to be proud to be a women and the great contributions they have made to life, society, family and work; saluting her strength, resilience, sacrifice and wished happy women’s day to all. We have all gathered to celebrate women’s day and to celebrate the achievement of women and the strength to fight with whatever comes in her way. A drama presentation was done by DB Tech students to show the value and power of woman, especially of the girl child which was directed by Mr. Nagraj and Mr. Neelappa and some cultural dances were also organized by the DB Tech students of Chithra Don Bosco . 700 women sat and heard the speeches, interacted with the guests. Same time we honored our dignitaries with mementos and gifts. Finally all had their lunch, A big Thank you to Fr Sony, Chithra staff for programme, anchoring, announcements and all the meticulous arrangements. Special thanks to our DB Tech youth who joined their hands with Chithra to make the women’s day a successful programme. The stage was also made available by Mrs, Veena who gave the introduction to make sure that as the elections are fast approaching, we make the woman aware of their right and duty to cast their precious votes and elect their proper representatives for the next five years.

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