October 5, 2015

Solar Electrical Programme on 25.08.2018

On 25.08.2018 Solar Electrical team from Chithra Don Bosco,Chitradurga invited guest lecturer Mr Manjunatha,Site in charge of Solar Power plant,Hiriyuru. Mr Javeed,Trainer for BPO domain welcomed him.
The session covered topics like basics of solar energy, its benefits and limitations.Mr Manjunatha focused on the importance of learning about solar electrical energy and the usefulness of the same in the lives and career of students.He specially focused on how to install and operate the protection for the PV panels by giving a demo.He checked the students knowledge about solar and he suggested to our students to increase the usage of renewable energy sources.He gave simple tips like before you go for job or visit any place,be confident of yourself and if you people are good in technical knowledge then you will surely get good promotions &
increments in your wide career.He said that he currently requires entrepreneurs who are willing and able to start off around 5 to 10 candidates and at a later period of time would be launch into companies as and when vacancies for technicians arise.
He explained about solar pv installation process,Dust cleaning process and the necessary basic instructions were given to the students.He answered all the queries of the students quite satisfactorily.The session completed with a thanks giving to Mr Manjunatha for his expertise.The students felt happy with the session and students expressed their readiness to go for solar technician job.The session ended with a formal vote of thanks by Mr Karthik solar electrical student.

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